The Heart of the School

Our school hall, like the hall in most schools, is not only at the centre of the building but also at the centre of many of our activities. We have a daily assembly where we celebrate success, sing together and learn about our community and the wider world.

Our hall is where we eat – our school dinners are provided by Caterlink and are enjoyed by around two thirds of our children every day. Our Year 4 pupils take turns to act as lunchtime monitors to help younger children to clear their plates.

It is also the setting for our concerts, performances and events held through-out the school year, including a Christmas show, Music and Dance festival and Leavers Assembly and of course it hosts our social events!  The PTA recently funded a sound system to support shows and to project our voices even better!

A dance class is held once a week after school and is hugely popular with pupils from all year groups and a local youth group meet here every Tuesday evening.