Our Performance

Our performance is generally good, with some outstanding areas but also many areas we still need to work on.

Pupils at Wilstead Lower School make better progress overall than pupils across England as a whole, including cohorts of pupils with special educational needs.   Where groups of pupils have not historically achieved the national standard, the gap is closing in response to actions put in place (eg: streamed maths groups or ‘wow’ days to inspire writing).

Below are some highlights from the provisional results for 2012/13.  More detail can be accessed on Raiseonline or via the school office.

Phonics Screening (2012/13): 86.4% of Year 1 children met the standard (compared to 70.1% LA average). 6 of the 13 children re-tested in Year 2 met the standard. The 7 who have still not met the standard are within the SA (1); SA+ (4) and SEN (2) categories.

Wilstead Lower School BrochureKS1 2012/13 (Provisional): Year 2 as a whole performed slightly under the LA average in most areas; however there is a group of 7 children who need additional support (see above). If these children are excluded from the analysis, the remaining pupils exceed LA average in all areas.

Wilstead Lower School BrochureKS2 2012/13 (Provisional): The Year 4 results show that the pupils of Wilstead Lower School performed better than the LA average in all three curriculum areas.