Our Pupils

Wilstead Lower School has around 150 pupils in 5 classes, over 90% of whom live in Wilstead.  They are smart, funny, friendly and full of energy and enthusiasm – of course!
There are a relatively low number of Looked After children or those on free school meals.  Our Pupil Premium is spent directly on supporting these children to engage fully in school and in extra curricular activities.
The school council has representatives from each class and is lead by the Head Teacher.  Each class also has a nominated buddy system offering peer support for anyone feeling worried, sad or lonely.   During a recent external review into behaviour, children were asked about bullying and bad behaviour –  “We just don’t have that sort of thing here” was the resounding response.
We have a hard-earned reputation for active inclusion and are proud of the way in which our children with Special Educational Needs are involved in school life. The school employs an additional teacher (P/T) as SENCo to coordinate the teaching and progress of children with special needs.  Intervention groups (lead by our HLTAs) work with children who need extra support, often across year groups, using targeted teaching plans and resources.
Wilstead Lower School Brochure

Graph showing the 2013-14 class sizes and proportion of children with SEN or SA+

Wilstead Lower School Brochure