Working for us

Working-for-usWe believe that staff who feel supported and cared for will make sure our children are supported and cared for too.

Training opportunities are available to staff at all levels and we encourage every one to fulfil their potential.

We host training places, welcome students and support our own staff to progress their careers in education. Staff are encouraged to bring their outside interests into school – running clubs and activities for example or entertaining us in assembly.

Working-for-us2Our staff room is small, but it is the centre of many social and team activities. We also have a secluded out-door area for staff to take a break on warmer days.  Every day starts with a staff briefing to make sure we are all prepared for whatever the day has in store.

To help us recruit our new head teacher, we asked the pupils at our school to draw pictures or or describe the sort of teacher they wanted. Some of their art work appears throughout our brochure and even more is on display on this website.

Their words are far more powerful than anything we could put here.