Week One’s Wonderful Warm Welcome

It is hard to believe that the long summer break is over!

For the children that endless summer break full of adventures ends and with excitement and a maybe even a few nerves as they come in to school and their new class.  For the parents the last few frantic days of preparation, getting new uniforms and finding the shoes they promised had been put away at the end of term.  As for the teachers, they are back with new ideas, restored energy and a fresh dose of enthusiasm, keen to discover the personalities in their new class.

We are at the end of our first week at Wilstead Lower School and what a busy week it was.  We have launched straight into our theme work on Charles Dickens, some of us learning about the author, others creating artwork inspired by our research into Victorian England.    Our Reception Class have started and have been heard enjoying the outdoor spaces around the school as well as the fantastic resources in their class room.  We have even had to endure the smells of cookies baking, but not being allowed to taste one.

There are lots of new and exciting things happening at Wilstead but you will be please to hear that some things about school never change.  There is something magical about writing the first words in your brand new exercise books (do you remember the smell from your school days?  It’s still the same) trying your hardest and using your best hand writing.  The excitement as you put on the apron getting ready to design a Christmas Card (yes you did read that correctly!) and opening that fresh pot of paint.  The smell of new plimsolls in the hall as you start your first P.E. lesson of the year.

We will keep you up to date as we go through the school year so come back soon to see what we have been up to.

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