That was the week that was.

What a busy week we have had in Hornets class!

The beginning of the week saw us welcoming Mrs Richardson and Mrs Bland to our class.  Double the teachers, double the fun!  In Numeracy we have been looking at symmetry and 2D shapes.  We are now experts and can describe different properties of 2D shapes.

Literacy has seen us looking at poems.  Mrs Bland showed us Haiku poems and we all had a go at writing our own.  At the end of the week Mrs Richardson taught us about similes in writing in fact we have been as busy as bees

Autumn at Wilstead
Wet break and rainy lunch times
Friday much better

Our project work has seen us looking at the world around us.  We have looked at the polar ice caps and touched on changing climates and we have learned about the equator, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn with their differing climates.  The best thing of all though was a little closer to home – Bedfordshire Clangers!

As part of our trip around the UK looking at regional dishes we stopped off in Bedfordshire this week.  We now know about the two different ends of a Clanger and how to tell which end is which.  We know what ingredients to use and how to stop the sweet bit mixing up with the savoury bit.   Some of us even practiced washing up!

Thursday saw us outside on the main field learning all about tag rugby.  Our coach has been teaching us the different elements of the game over the last few weeks and this week we put it all together for our first short 8-a-side game.  So far we have learned basic ball skills, how to “tag” the other side, how to run with the ball and how to score a try.  It is a great game but we do still find it a little tricky to remember to throw the ball backwards not forwards.

Friday was a busy day too.  In the morning we have whole school assembly.  This is where Mr Robichaud presents awards to us, we celebrate our friends birthdays, achievements outside the school are talked about and most importantly the house points are awarded.  Well done to Joseph who was the Hornet class Star of the Week.   Today we were “blessed” with the treat of Mr Robichaud’s ukulele playing, his style can only be described as unique!

During the week we have been earning extra Golden Time by doing things above expectations or doing something special for our class.  We have had such a good week that today was the first time that we have all enjoyed the full 20 minutes at the end of the day.

Go Hornets!Hornets Year 4 Class Wilstead Lower School