Well Done Assembly

Swimming Certificate AwardHave you heard about the Well Done Assemblies?  Have you been to a Well Done Assembly?  What goes on at these mystical morning meetings most Fridays?

Well Done Assemblies have been happening at Wilstead Lower School most Friday mornings for quite some time. Recently  Mr Robichaud has transformed them into something even more special, celebrating the success of the children at our school.  Whether it is success at school as a class, individual or things the children have done outside school, we love to share and shout about it.

Individual Success

We believe that it is important to publicly celebrate the children’s individual achievement, including their social and personal skills.  Each week one child from every class is recognised for their achievements in school.   The children at the school love to cheer (ever seen a silent cheer?  Ask your kids!) their class mates when they receive their certificates, we also invite guests in to share their special moment.  Will it be you next time?

Team Success

We have a successful football team in Wilstead and during the season it is not unusual to see the whole team at the front of the hall receiving trophies, medals and certificates.  Last year the girl’s netball team were hot on their heels for most frequent attenders.

Officer LarryOfficer Larry keeps watch in school during the week for the class with the best behaviour and on Friday’s lets Mr Robichaud know who has impressed him the most.  The proud teacher of that class is then presented with Officer Larry who stays with them that week.  This is a prestigious award that the teachers like to win!

House Points at Wilstead Lower SchoolHouse Points are also awarded on a Friday.  During the week the children in the school are awarded Merits for outstanding work or behaviour.  These are added up and sorted into the right Houses for the running total.  The closely guarded scores are always eagerly awaited with excitement.  Which House will be in the lead this week?  You can always see who is winning by looking at the foot of our website.

Other Activities

Our children are very active outside the school and we love it when they tell us about the things they do in their spare time.  We have heard about success in the swimming pool, martial arts & performing arts not to mention more unusual activities and sports as well as Cubs & Brownies.  Not only does this give the children a chance to enjoy the results of their hard work, but also the rest of us learn about different and interesting things we could try.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations at Wilstead Lower School When you calculate how old you are in quarter years, birthdays are a big thing!  Anyone who has had a birthday during the week is invited to the front of the hall and the whole school sings Happy Birthday to them.  Our birthday boys and girls then get to blow out the candles on our special birthday cake.  This is such a fun treat that it is not unheard of for some of our students to try and join in two weeks running!

Truly Trusted

Truly Trusted at Wilstead Lower SchoolOur Year 4 students are working towards receiving their Truly Trusted status.  This is a prestigious achievement and shows that they are mature and responsible role models within the school.  Recipients of the Truly Trusted badge are the first people we call on to take on responsibilities and represent the school.  This could be meeting visitors, showing guests around the school or helping our staff.

DSCN2688So what’s with the Ukulele then?

Our ever so talented Mr Robichaud is a master of many musical instruments (well, that’s what he tells us!) and as a special “treat” he sings a song to the “lucky” children receiving awards or recognition.  His talents are indescribable! You will just have to hear it to believe it.  From Classical to Rock ‘n Roll his performance is beyond words.  Of course, he is an unselfish performer and has been known to share the limelight with other unsuspecting members of staff.  You have been warned!

The nominations for next week’s awards are…….

As you can see, Well Done Assemblies are a busy affair but there is always room for more.  If you would like us to know about something special or have a certificate, trophy or badge we could include please let your class teacher know.