What’s your Emergency? – People who help us

In Reception class we have been working on our new project – What’s Your Emergency? – People who help us.  As well as all the class work we have been lucky enough to have had some very exciting visitors in class to help us with our work.

So far this week we have had a visit from a Physiotherapist and a Police Officer, we still have visits from Firemen, Dentists and Nurses to come.  Read on to find out more.

Mrs-CandlinMrs Candlin, a Physiotherapist, came to see us at the beginning of the week.  We learned all about what they do and who they help.  The best bit was trying out all the things Mrs Candlin had brought with her that she uses every day to help people.

We learned how to apply bandages, some special breathing exercises for people who find it difficult to breath deeply and we even saw a machine that helps people walk again by helping to move their leg for them.  One of the fun exercises used bean bags to help strengthen muscles.  Some of us had to balance them on our head, this is normally used to help people with their posture.   We learned that some people even get to go to the swimming pool for special exercises and treatment.

Today we were visited by DC Spennewyn from the Metropolitan Police Force.  She came in to class and showed us the different parts of a police uniform including hats, handcuffs and batons.  She even handcuffed one of the class (they hadn’t been naughty but had volunteered to help show the class the uniform)

DC Spennyewyn and Guest at Wilstead Lower School We talked about being safe out and about and in our cars and how we can help the police help us, by knowing our full name and address and even by learning our Mum or Dad’s phone number.  We had lots of questions for our visitor and were delighted to tell her about how our mummies and daddies drive too fast and that they drive and talk on the phone!  So watch out for a letter through your door soon.

We loved talking about the animals that police use, we all knew about the dogs but were fascinated about hearing how horses help the police.  We talked about the different types of vehicles that police use, every thing from helicopters, boats, cars and motorbikes even bicycles.

A really exciting part of the visit was when we all had our finger prints taken, don’t worry this is not a new central database, we put our thumb print onto our information sheet to bring home and show our families and carers.

At the end of the talk, because we had all been so good and asked clever questions and knew how to be safe, we were all given a special sticker and a set of hand cuffs, so watch out at home!

We can’t wait for tomorrow when the Fire Brigade arrive.