Who is Frazer Irving?

On Friday, Mr Robichaud pulled off a bit of a coup, a visit to year 3 & 4 by the internationally renowned and highly sought after comic book artist Frazer Irving .

Frazer IrvingSome of you might know that Bedford holds an annual Comic Convention.  Now in it’s fourth year NICE 2015 boasts a veritable glitterati of graphic novel/comic artists from around the world and all in our own backyard.  Now, our Mr Robichaud could be described as a bit of a fan (HUGE) and so he contacted the organisers on the off-chance that they might be able to find something for our school museum.  He didn’t expect that we would be lucky enough to receive a visit from one of the artists but that is exactly what happened Friday afternoon.  A visit from Frazer Irving.


So how did it go?

Frazer Irving drawing himselfFrazer is a fascinating man who clearly loves what he does.  His enthusiasm and passion is infectious as he talks about drawing with the children, describing his early interest in drawing.  His chat is peppered with examples of his work as he describes the different steps in creating an image for a comic.  Stopping frequently to answer questions from the children Frazer gives us a small insight into the workings of the mind of this prolific artist.  All too soon our afternoon passes and we just have time for Frazer to give us a quick lesson on how to draw a couple of our favourite comic book characters.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Frazer for giving so freely of his time, experience and passion.  The convention is on all weekend, details can be found on their website.

Frazer’s work covers a wide range of characters from the famous  (Batman) through to original characters he creates and subjects from Christmas Super Heros on to more adult themes.  All can be viewed on his website.