Wider Opps Play Day – Bedfordshire – Wilstead Lower

Hornets Blowing their own trumpets – well P-Bones!

On Tuesday 9th February 2016,  Wilstead Lower School Hornets class took part in the Music for Bedford Borough Wider Opps Play Day hosted at King’s House, Bedford.  Nearly 600 children from across the area gathered to perform a concert having spent the previous 15 weeks learning a musical instrument.

Wider Opps Play Day

The Wider Opps Play Day is organised by Inspiring Music.  They are the Music Service of Central Bedfordshire, created to deliver and develop musical opportunities for children, young people and adults.  Our Year 3 children also attend their Sing Out Play Out concert which is always very popular.

We’re putting the band together

Wider-Opps-Music-DayWilstead were the first to arrive at the venue and we went straight to our rehearsal room that we were to share with three other classes.  Once we had all arrived and assembled our instruments we started our first practice of the day.  All of us had been learning the P-Bone or trumpet so you can imagine the noise when nearly 100 of us started playing together for the first time.  In no time at all we had run through our pieces of music that we had been learning and do you know what?  It didn’t sound half bad!

Wilstead Lower School at the Music for Bedford Wider Opps Play DayAfter a quick break we made our way down stairs to one of the main performance rooms.  This was much larger than our rehearsal room and it was soon packed with children and instruments from other schools.  As well as a plantation of P-Bones there were recorders (treble and descants), fifes (a type of small flute) and plastic trumpets.  We had all been learning different songs and we had the opportunity of playing them for each other.  This was our first time to play for an audience and we loved it.  After this we played together the two songs that we had all learned.  It was really interesting to hear how the other instruments fitted in with our music.

We had a short break them made our way into the other performance space.  Here we had the chance to play all our songs for the other half of the schools who had been learning other instruments.  This was a much bigger audience for us and we were a little nervous but once we started playing it all went well.  We were loud but not as loud as the next lot!

Wilstead Lower School perform at Music for Beds Borough Wider Opps music day

The “next lot” had been learning instruments that aren’t normally associated with the orchestra.  There were ukulele, guitar, keyboards and lots and lots of different drums and percussion.  They performed their individual songs to us and then joined together to perform two others.  We unanimously agreed that we liked the drums best!

Very soon it was lunch time and we just had time to finish our sandwiches when we were asked to make our way down to the performance space.  As we walked in we saw that all the empty chairs from the morning were filled with mums, dads, aunts, uncles, grans and grandads.  Nervously we waited for our turn to play, first the recorders, then the fifes and finally it was our turn, the P-Bones.   The backing track started and we to played our first number.  Lots of clapping helped calm our nerves and the second song was great fun.  We played so well that we even got an encore.

The concert went really well and we all enjoyed the performance.  During the concert the different music teachers played a short piece on their favourite instruments so that we could hear lots of different types.  Our favourite was the electric bass played by Mr Simpson but they were all amazing.

Hornets Class at the Music for Bedford Wider Opps Play DayThe Hornets class would like to say thank you to all the mums, dads and carers who helped us learn our P-Bones and took us to the concert,  clapping and smiling even when we played some of the right notes, but in the wrong order!