Wilstead Lower School Harvest Festival 2015

Harvest Festival at Wilstead Lower SchoolLiving in a rural village the signs of approaching autumn are everywhere.  The farmers have harvested their wheat and have started to plough the fields ready for the next crop, the smell of bonfires drift around the village, the leaves on the trees have started their annual show of colour and of course, conkers start filling the pockets of our children.  All these signs lead us to thinking about our harvest festival and what it means to us in Wilstead.  Songs certainly, the trip to All Saints church yes, proudly waving at Mum in the back row, well of course but also thinking of others who might not have as much as us.

The children and parents of Wilstead Lower school have a tradition of generosity and this year’s Harvest Festival was no exception.  Bright and excited the children arrived in school carrying bags & boxes, biscuits & beans and so much more as donates to our chosen charity.  Having lined up in the front playground we all marched along Cotton End Road and up to the church.   Rain and wind had been expected but as it usually seems to do for us, the sun came out and shone down as we made our way.  Once there we took our seats, waved at friends and relatives and got ready to start.

DSCN8565As normal our Year 4 children introduced the work that we had been doing on our harvest theme.  To a round of applause our Bumblebees showed us their wonderful harvest art-work.  Ladybirds paraded a harvest wreath, decorated with seasonal fruit and vegetables, that they had drawn and coloured to chorus of Ahhs and Ooohhs from the adults.  Our Dragonflies had been writing and learning harvest themed acrostic poems.  We listened intently as they performed their poems for us all.  Beetles class presented us with The Journey of the Banana filled with facts about the banana and it’s journey to our plate.  Last but not least, the Hornets presented us their research on the humble fruit salad’s journey to our plate.  How far would you travel for a fruit salad they asked us to consider.  To close the proceedings the whole school sang us two harvest songs, the last one full of bad puns about food – but there’s not MUSHROOM for any more!

As always we would like to say thank you to Rev Toze and the members of the church for their help and the use of their beautiful building.  We would also like to say thank you to all the parents, relatives and carers who came to the church to support our children and for your most generous donations.