Wixams Academy – Secondary School and Sixth Form

You may have seen posters, articles and information recently about a new academy school due to open soon at the Wixams.  There is a lot of information on their own school website but with many of our parents looking at what happens after we become a Primary School, or where children go after their current Middle School time has ended, we have asked Paul Spyropoulos the Principal of the new school to give us a bit more information.

paul-wixams-academyI feel enormously excited and privileged to be the Principal of the first secondary school in the Wilshamstead area.  I can’t wait to welcome the first Year 7 children to our brand new academy next September. This year I have been fortunate to meet many members of the community and with their support I see the Academy playing a valuable and important role in this vibrant and growing area.

Having taught and worked in senior school leadership in London and Bedford for 22 years, I have a sound understanding of the needs and aspirations of our local communities. Furthermore, as a father of four children I fully understand the joys and demands of school and family life. I know that when children are provided with outstanding education and the right ethos and opportunities, they can exceed all expectations. For these reasons, Wixams Academy will be an inspiring place to go and learn every day: a place of awe, wonder, friendship and happiness.

Paul Spyropoulos




As a brand new academy, we will provide an excellent new secondary school choice for families in Wilstead, Wixams and the surrounding areas. The school is set to open with 100 Year 7 pupils in 2017 and will grow by one year group each year, with the new building designed for 825 students, including a sixth form. Larger year groups in the future will accommodate all children from Wixams and Wilstead.

Wixams Academy is sponsored by Bedford College Academies Trust (BCAT). BCAT sees itself as part of a local family of schools and academies and its commitment to Bedfordshire means that BCAT is fully focussed on this area alone, resulting in all resources being locally available at all times.

Wixams Academy will be an academic secondary school and sixth form delivering a broad curriculum,with a science and technology specialism. Our vision is to create a school that delivers an outstanding education, comparable with the very best schools nationally. It is also key for us to provide a school experience for all children that is happy and fulfilling and one through which they can develop the confidence, skills and qualities essential for happy and successful lives.

We very much look forward to welcoming Wilstead Primary School pupils to Wixams Academy in 2019, when they reach Year 7. We are committed to providing exciting opportunities for Wilstead children, especially in Years 5 and 6, to come across to Wixams Academy for projects and enrichment activities. They will use our specialist sports, science, ICT and 3D product design facilities and will have opportunities to work with our specialist staff. We believe that these activities will enhance your child’s educational experience and will also make transition to the secondary school of your choice that muchsmoother.

Wixams Academy